Who is Ari?

Sixteen years ago, on a crisp Alaskan morning, a baby with bright blue eyes and cavernous dimples was born.  He arrived as the third son (of what would soon be four) and quickly carved out his own unique personality traits. 

When Ari turned five his family moved to Seattle.  They moved to provide an outstanding Jewish education for the boys.  To further this goal, they took a sabbatical to Israel when Ari was in the 2nd grade.

Ari is one of the most dedicated sports enthusiasts you will ever meet.  If it has to do with a ball, any type of ball, he is interested, and he excels. He has done so since he was a little kid.  When Ari was just 2 years old he would grab the remote control and channel surf until he found a sporting event.  His love and appreciation of the game has always been an enjoyable thing to watch. He is simply a natural athlete, with incredible hand-eye coordination. He can conceptualize the game and really get inside it.  Even when Ari was unable to play (a few years back when he damaged the growth plates in his heels) he wouldn’t just sit on the sidelines; instead he helped coach his team…and his advice was usually right on!

Ari has a unique character - one that encourages and supports deep and lasting friendships.  His friends around the world are giving him the support he needs to make it through this difficult time.

His leadership has always been something to admire.  He has handled the responsibility of leadership with great maturity and compassion.  His friends range from little kids to grown adults.  His classmates have always been a wonderful group of friends that get along great.  Their friendship is forever.  His friends have truly been amazing.  They are constantly visiting and keeping him up to date on everything.

Ari’s spirituality and commitment to Judaism is evidenced by the way he conducts his life.  Even while recovering from brain surgery, he wouldn’t take as much as a sip of water without covering his head with his hat or yarmulke.

It is hard to think of ways to describe Ari without smiling inside.  Sometimes he is so clueless you chuckle and yet other times so insightful you just gasp.  His sense of humor is fine-tuned.  He is without guile.  He is passionate, and compassionate.  He is a fierce advocate and usually for the underdog. When he is interested in an area, he makes it his mission to fully understand all aspects involved. He is stubborn.  He is a charmer.

As you can imagine, this ordeal has changed him. He has gone from being a carefree teen-ager to a battle-toughened young man.  His appreciation of any small thing that is done for him is so strong and sincere.  In summary, he is a unique individual that we are all proud to call our son, brother, grandson, student, mentor and above all…..friend! Please add your insights to the What They Are Saying About Ari section