What Can I Do For Ari?

  • Daven (Pray) (see section The Power of Prayer).

  • Learn Torah.

  • Give Tzedaka (charity).

  • Take on an additional mitzvah (good deed/religious obligation).

  • Keep positive thoughts and energy directed towards Ari.

  • Please use his name: Aryeh Noam Chaim ben Devorah Chana in your prayers.

  • Refrain from speaking or listening to Loshon Hora (idle gossip).

  • Encourage others to look at this website and see the pictures of Ari. There was a very interesting study done where people who prayed for people they didnít even know had a more positive outcome when the people praying had a picture and were able to visualize the person they were praying for. Click on this link to see the study.