Others In Need Of Prayer

Do you know someone in need of a prayer?  Send us email at ari@arigrashin.com and we will post it here. When you write to this address, we'll add you to a distribution list of people that would like to receive updates on Ari's progress.  If you would prefer not to receive such updates, please indicate this preference in your email.

Barucha Fagle bat Rushke
A beloved aunt who is living with terminal lung and bone cancer

Gerda Lawrence
A friend with cancer who recently had surgery

Hanoch ben Golda
He is 50 years old and lives in New York.  Hanoch has Colon Cancer for 2 years (diagnosed at age 48) that has now metastized to his spine.

Chaya Mushka bas Chana Rivka
Yehudis Itta Masha bas Libba
Yisrael ben Shterna Sara

Sheli Sara Chaia Bat Devorah-
13 year old Leukemia patient who underwent a bone marrow transplant at Children's Hospital

He is in the hospital now he had emergency surgery (his 43rd in his life) and while there he got an infection hes been there for 2 weeks now an it is very serious he has chrones deisese so he really needs the prayers now but even after A"H hell get through this he still need all the prayers it's a life long deiseis. He is 48 husband, son, and father of 3boys(18,17,9)Thank you and may there be a refuah shelamah for all of klal yisroel

Avraham Baruch ben Ephras
He has brain tumors also and is I believe 8. He is the grandson of Gussy
and Morton Solny, and son of Israel Solny, living in Lakewood NJ.

Dvir ben Chanah Dvorah
Eighth-grader Dvir Musai, who was wounded on Tuesday on his way back from a school cherry-picking trip in a field near Hevron, is "in better condition, but still needs much heavenly mercies." So said his father today, after his son was operated on in a Jerusalem hospital. Dvir (ben Chanah Dvorah), who is still in the intensive care unit, is suffering from severe wounds to his legs and lower back area

Tamar Bat Mazal
She is a teacher in elementry school in Israel. I think she's somewhere in her mid 30's. She has many kids. She is in need of a Kidney transplant & has been waiting "in line" for over 7 years. She's very sick & has had to move from her home, in Karmei Tzur, to Jerusalem in order to get frequent treatment. Thank you Ari & Tizku Lemitzvot. BE"H, with the power of am Yisrael's prayers for you, you will be well again soon. Refua Shlema!

Ruchama Miriam Bat Rachel:
she is a woman of 29 suffering from cancer. Two years ago, all the doctors said that she only had 6 weeks left to live. B"H she is still living but now she is going down hill and really needs our Tfillos.

Shmuel ben Shoshana
Shmuli is a sweet 15 year old young man from Baltimore who also has a medullo blastoma.

Refael Michael Yitzchak ben Nechama Sara
"Mikey" has CF and has recently undergone a lung transplant. He is an extraordinary individual who we have come to know through his extraordinary parents.

Please pray for the three weeks old and not named yet, baby boy of Rabbi Yossi and Frummie Posner. He is in ICU since he was born.

Gila bat Naomi
She is 38, married and the mother of a 6 year old and a 4 year old. She has ovarian cancer and would appreciate the prayers of others.

Baruch Avigdor ben Sheindel
Tehillim are urgently needed for a recent bone marrow transplant recipient Baruch Avigdor ben Sheindel. He is 31 married and has a son.

Shmuel Simcha ben Marnina
Lost a major portion of his speech ability, and other brain functions in 96 Diagnosed with CFIDS. He's married and the father of one 13 year old.

Yisroel Isser Ben Chana
Freyda-He is 31 yrs old with a brain tumor. May they all have a quick refuah!